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Babcock Ranch Community ERP Permitting RAI #3 Submittal March 2009

The documents displayed here are a representation of the documents delivered to South Florida Water Management District in March 2009. Every effort has been made to assure that this web based version represents the same content as in the official submittal, but that is not guaranteed. The hardcopy or electronic files delivered to the SFWMD remain as the official documents in case of any discrepancy. The documents require Adobe Acrobat reader to view the contents, and you may need to upgrade your version of Adobe for maximum performance. These documents were prepared using Adobe Acrobat 6 but are also viewable with Adobe Reader 5. The web version has been structured in a way to produce reasonable performance with a good internet connection, but may not be ideal for reproducing hardcopy output of all graphic exhibits. These are large and complex documents, so please be patient as the files load.

Sheets 01-02

Sheets 03-05

Sheets 06-08

Sheets 09-14

Sheets A01-A03

Sheets A04-A20

Sheets B01-B03

Sheets B04-B11

Sheets C01-C03

Sheets C04-C13

Sheets D01-D03

Sheets D04-D15

Sheets E01-E03

Sheets E04-E12

Sheets F01-F03

Sheets F04-F11

Sheets G01-G03

Sheets G04-G11

Sheets H01-H03

Sheets H04-H14

Sheets I01-I03

Sheets I04-I11

Sheets J01-J03

Sheets J04-J07

Environmental Plan Set RAI 3

Mitigation Plan Set RAI 3

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